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For Employers

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What Enrolled Employers

Are Saying

“Since we’ve had HealthQuilt, we’ve gone

below budget on our healthcare expenditures

each year.” —employer



“Even our executives trust, use, and appreciate the onsite clinic.”

— employer



“If we did not have the onsite clinic, it would be

so much harder to manage certain chronic conditions like diabetes and mental health issues.” — employer



“HealthQuilt helps our employees to safely come back to work sooner.” — employer

It's About Time

Our Patient-Centered Medical Home model can assist employers in a reduction in total cost of care while following evidence-based medicine

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According to a study by the US Chamber of Commerce, every $1 your organization spends on a robust primary care model will save you $1.50.
HealthQuilt provides the healthcare framework for seamless integration of services.
HealthQuilt raises access to affordable, value-based primary, and specialty care. How?—Through on-site,
on-demand, quality medical services.

Enrolled Employer Benefits

  • Telemedicine 24/7/365

  • Cost Savings for Employer/Employees

  • Price transparency

  • Patient-Centered Medical Home principles

  • Quality and utilization management to support evidence-based medicine

  • Healthier workforce / Increased productivity

  • Corporate Medical Director Services

  • Reduce referral to specialty providers

  • Chronic Disease/Wellness Management

  • Provide specialist referral network

  • Physician-guided care coordination

  • Higher employee loyalty and retention

  • Attractive to new talent

  • Employee retention

  • Mental Health

    • Substance Use​

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

  • Allergy​

  • DOT Physicals

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